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Understanding Intelligent Design

This compact guide lays out the basics of Intelligent Design, popularly known as ID. Clarifying crucial issues, this key resource gives nonspecialists a solid grasp of one of today's foundational religious-scientific-cultural concepts. Regular price: $14.99 Your price: $0.00

Science and the Mind of the Maker

Follow along on a fascinating journey about how the structure of nature and the mind of man resonate in ways that point to a Maker who fully intended the astounding discoveries being made in the natural sciences today. Regular price: $9.99 Your price: $4.99

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis answers key questions about the origin of human life, the evidence left by the fossil record, and how the findings of science line up with the Bible. Regular price: $15.99 Your price: $4.99

The Story of the Cosmos

Modern science has popularized a view of the cosmos that suggests there is no need for God and denies any evidence of His existence. But The Story of the Cosmos provides a different—and fascinating—perspective. It points to a God who makes Himself known in the wonder and beauty of His creation. Regular price: $19.99 Your price: $4.99

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