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The Trinity, Practically Speaking

Three Gods, or One, or Three-in-One? Since the word "trinity" does not appear in the Bible, many people wonder whether the doctrine is anything more than an intellectual puzzle created by theologians. This book takes readers on a guided tour of the logic leading to understanding God as a trinity.
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Story of Stories

In Story of Stories, readers join Karen Lee-Thorp on a guided tour of Scripture where she retells the Bible's major stories, draws out the significance of overlooked subtleties and shows how individual vignettes contribute to Scripture's overarching story of redemption.
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Saving the Bible from Ourselves

The Bible does not need to be saved because of any defect in itself, but because we have distorted and misread it. Saving the Bible from Ourselves provides students of the Bible a new paradigm for reading and living the Bible well.
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Here in Spirit

Instead of relating narrowly to the Spirit based on just a few of his gifts, Here in Spirit broadens our engagement with him, touring aspects of his vast character that often go unexplored. It turns out, living here in the Spirit is the source of the most meaningful, creative, satisfying life possible.

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