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Becoming a Just Church

Adam Gustine calls the local church to be just and do justice. He provides a theological vision for our identity as a just people, where God's character and the pursuit of shalom infuses every aspect of our congregational DNA.

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White Awake

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“Daniel Hill sought me out as a mentor over two decades ago, and it has been a joy to watch the progress of him and his church. Now, in White Awake, he shares lessons learned on his journey of following Jesus into the ministry of reconciliation.”
—John M. Perkins

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Prophetic Lament

Soong-Chan Rah's prophetic exposition of the book of Lamentations provides a biblical and theological lens for examining the church's relationship with a suffering world.

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Beyond Colorblind

Showing us how to make space for God's healing of our ethnic stories, Sarah Shin helps us grow in our cross-cultural skills, manage cross-cultural conflict, pursue reconciliation and justice, and share the gospel as ethnicity-aware Christians.

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