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Confronting Christianity

Channeling state-of-the-art research, personal stories, and careful biblical study, Confronting Christianity explores 12 questions that keep many of us from considering faith in Christ. When we look more closely, Jesus becomes not a relic from the ancient world, but our modern world’s best hope. Regular price: $24.99 Your price: $0.00


Does your church make you uncomfortable? Uncomfortable is a call to embrace the uncomfortable aspects of Christian community, whether that means believing difficult truths, pursuing difficult holiness, or loving difficult people—all for the sake of the gospel, God’s glory, and our joy. Regular price: $14.99 Your price: $4.99

The Gospel Comes with a House Key

In The Gospel Comes with a House Key, Rosaria Butterfield invites us into her home to show us how God can use this same “radical, ordinary hospitality” to bring the gospel to our lost friends and neighbors. Regular price: $19.99 Your price: $4.99

The Rule of Love

The Rule of Love directs us toward a biblical definition of love by answering critical questions: How is love commonly misunderstood? What is God’s love like and why is it offensive? And how does all of this relate to the church? Regular price: $17.99 Your price: $4.99

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