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Delights & Disciplines of Bible Study

Bestselling author, pastor, and radio host Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe shares his delight in God’s Word in this comprehensive, highly accessible guide to biblical interpretation and application. In Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study, Dr. Wiersbe offers insight into the history, meaning, and context of the entire Bible, from Genesis through the Gospels through the last words of the apostles. Regular price: $16.99 Your price: $0.00

Fresh Eyes on Jesus' Miracles

In Fresh Eyes on Jesus’ Miracles, Pastor Doug Newton finds hidden truths in the gospels’ most familiar stories. From the wedding at Cana to Peter’s miraculous catch, Newton offers cultural context, modern-day insights, and spiritual depth to awaken even the most seasoned reader’s heart and mind. Regular price: $15.99 Your price: $4.99

Fresh Eyes on Jesus' Parables

Fresh Eyes on Jesus’ Parables offers a new perspective on the stories Jesus told to His closest disciples. As in every book in this unique series, Pastor Doug Newton provides life-changing techniques for reading Scripture, such as skills in interpreting one passage using another. Readers will love discovering familiar parables again as if for the first time. Regular price: $15.99 Your price: $4.99

Fresh Eyes on Famous Bible Sayings

Pastor Doug Newton answers questions and more using Scripture-reading techniques readers can then use on their own to discover life-changing truths from the Scripture passages they know the most. Regular price: $15.99 Your price: $4.99

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